Fabrice Rothan Vision of Art

Fabrice Rothan Vision of Art.

Fabrice Rothan was born in 1964 in Strasbourg in Alsace. Art was always the engine of his actions but i’ is the drawing which will initially gain his favours and the discovery in 1980 of the graphic achievements of Switzerland Hans Ruedi Giger for the film “Alien, the 8th passenger” will be determining in his design of work on the image. Painting is essential on him, a few years later like an alternative means of expression, calling on other directions and making it possible to express his emotions differently. While exerting its trade of letterpress printer/offset then of computer graphics expert, continuous Fabrice Rothan to paint by developing his style and technique. Beginning of the Nineties, digital art makes his appearance and the image processing, facilitated by the arrival of software for graphic designers, will arouse a new artistic interest for creation. The creation of children books will have also an important place in his choices. Although most his tables are figurative, this artist does not have style prevalent and especially painted what it feels or want to make feel. The artist also works on order and can guide you for the purchase of tables (with photographs of your interior).” To paint is for me a means of escape, expression and division. For me art must be moving, effervescence and constantly call into question the established rules.”

Train en écosse,Fabrice Rothan Vision of Art



Prairie,Fabrice Rothan Vision of Art


bisons great plains

Alone tree

Les rives du Rhin

Prairie 03

Voile au large

village j2

House beach West