Eva Czarniecka |City Street Painting

Eva Czarniecka is a self-taught artist based in London since 2002.

Eva explained: “Like poems my paintings begin with an observation, a feeling, a hunch or an idea, a memory and are then refined so that every colour, every shape and form, every gesture is woven together. Working within oil, I build the paintings up in layers to create a luminosity or light that glows from within the painting. Discovery, curiosity and playfulness.”

“I am fascinated when the skies gather over – they’ve got a torment, a threat about them,which I want to put down. If the sky is nice and blue it doesn’t do too much for me. I don’t want it to be too pretty; I want it to have some guts. I want it to be whirling around. There’s a poetic sort of moment which I can’t convey in the sunshine.’

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